Customer Testimonials


I just wanted to give a compliment to the two young men who came up to service our generator. They were so nice and so efficient. You've got two good ones there. Hang on to them!

-Barbara (Mt. Enterprise, TX)

With P&L, We have no worries!

P&L did the installation of our generator in our new home several years ago. Because they maintain the unit, we have not had trouble with it when we have needed it. They maintain the unit and send us the records of how the unit is doing and let us know if there are any items that need attention. We had one instance when the unit went down in a big storm. They were out to our house in no time to do the repairs. We couldn't be more satisfied with the unit and P&L!

-The Cogburns (Nacogdoches, TX)

Outstanding Dealer

After a nightmare with another dealer, I contacted Linda and Paul for delivery and installation of a new generator. This dealer was professional, knowledgeable and extremely competent. The installation was flawless and painless. They did everything they said they would do and more.Very fair in their dealings and no hidden costs. Their response time was prompt. I was so impressed, that I signed on for a maintenance contract with them. No one else touches this generator.

-Barry (Jacksonville)

Top Notch Dealer & Installer!

We wanted to buy a whole house generator from the same folks who would install it. We bought our 20kW air cooled Generac 2 years ago from Paul & Linda and are completely satisfied. We also purchased the extended warranty and the annual maintenance. Recommend both.You can buy a generator on the Internet or a big box store, but you still have to have it installed. We didn't want to take the chance of buying this way since the unit would be delivered to your house & could arrive damaged. You may not find this out until the installer has trouble setting up the unit. Then you would have to determine if the unit was damaged on delivery or the installer messed up. Good luck!Purchase a Generac generator from P&L and they will do a professional installation on a unit they test before installation. I have recommended them to others and some have purchased from P&L.

-Paul (Henderson)


Without a doubt, Paul and Linda Craig are true professionals. The install they did at our home was top notch in every way. During the install, they would take the time to explain just what was and would explain the working of the generator itself. Before they left, we received a complete “walk thru” of how it operates, and explained the generator and its parts, and all about maintenance. We would definitely recommend P & L Enterprise and Paul and Linda Craig to all our friends and family. When the “lights go out” our Generac brings them right back on.

-Mike & Sharon (Nacogdoches)


They are the best. What really makes it the BEST is P & L Enterprise for their hardwork on keeping us up and going. Thanks.

-Tommy (Timpson)

Get one.

Yes, get one. No more outage. I love the feeling of security. I would highly recommend Generac. It is a great generator. Paul and Linda are good people – honest, prompt, and they know what they are doing. We have recommended Paul and Linda to our friends for service. Everyone is satisfied with your work. I will continue to recommend Paul and Linda Craig for service.

-Tom & Nanette (Garrison, TX)

You have to have one...

You have to have one if you want peace of mind when the power goes off. Paul and Linda are the best of the best! P & L is a full service Generac dealer – they install what they sell – plus they service and warranty too! Highly recommend!

-Paul (Henderson, TX)

Couldn't ask for more...

I don’t normally recommend things; people have their own ideas about what’s quality (or not). When people ask about my Generac, I always tell them I love it & give them one of P & L’s cards. Know their product, very helpful in resolving problems, quick response, courteous, professional. Couldn’t ask for more. I never have to worry about losing contents of fridge or freezer. Ability to stay warm/cool in power outage. Even with the prices of propane, it’s a good thing!

-Kathy (San Augustine, TX)

It is like a good friend...

P&L Enterprise has us fixed, when the power goes out, the generator comes on. It is great to know that life can go on, when the power is off. We would not like to be without a generator. It is there when the power isn’t. And we can have a shower, cook, wash, and stay cool or warm when it is cold. It is like a good friend. When we started to build our home, they had so many good ideas. They are dependable and honest. We think of them as a friend.

-Robert & Sue (Broaddus, TX)

Has never failed me yet...

I don’t know about any other unit, but I sure do recommend this one. It has never failed my yet. It has not failed to come on when I have lost power. It also comes on each week, just like it is set up to do. Paul and Linda are the BEST. They know their business and are prompt with servicing my unit. They answer all my calls promptly and are real good to me. Thank you Paul and Linda.

-Frank (Nacogdoches, TX)


These people are the most knowledgeable, honest, dependable that I’ve been associated with. I drive a propane truck and we hook up propane to generators. We run into all kind of people that service generators. Paul and Linda Craig are the only ones that I personally recommend for service. East Texas is fortunate to have such service people for generators.

-Nolan (Jacksonville, TX)

Excellent +

Living in East Texas – lights can be out for days – I think every one should have a Generac. I take breathing treatments three times each day – love the security of knowing all is well.

-Anonymous (East Texas)

Generac has what you need.

If you have concern about power outage – you may want to consider a standby power unit. Generac has what you need. We had our Generac installed about 2 weeks when massive power outage happened. Around midnight my and my CPAP shut down and about 12 seconds, it came back on. My Generac is on natural gas, next morning I got up and Generator is still running. When I called power company, they said there were several counties without power. My Generac 20 KW was installed by P&L Enterprise. Truly professional installation. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

-Dave (Henderson, TX)

Nothing but positive...

It has been our best investment for our home. We are never without A/C! WE do not have to worry about bad weather at any time. Our experience with P&L Enterprises has been nothing but positive. They are very professional and punctual. We never have to worry about calling them for service, they are very organized.

-Russell (Henderson, TX)

Would not trade my Generac for anything...

We have owned 3 generators in the past. I would not trade my Generac generator for anything. I have recommended Generac to some of my friends and neighbors. It is such a pleasure working with Paul and Linda. They are such a blessing and so very helpful and trust worthy and dependable.

-Helen (Reklaw, TX)

It is dependable...

It is dependable. Be sure to get Paul and Linda to service it. I am 79 years old and I do like the fact that I now have electric services from my generator when needed. They have kept my generator in order. They are honest people.

-Jeanette (Garrison, TX)

It's great!

It Is one of the best investments you can make for your home. It gives you a great feeling of security. You know when the electricity goes off. Give it a few minutes to come and, and you can continue to be cool (or warm), cook, watch TV, etc. It’s great!! In the past, when our electricity would go off, our generator would not automatically come on a large percentage of the time. The Craigs have done a great job of keeping our generator tuned up and running when we have a power outage. I would recommend them highly.

-J.P. & Sylvia (Garrison, TX)

Much to my benefit...

Peace of mind. I don’t worry about losing power – it is a non-issue. I highly recommend owning a Generac generator. It brings peace of mind in this time of extremely unpredictable weather. Paul and Linda Craig have offered services of the highest quality. They are prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, reliable, and courteous. They have answered my phone call at 9:00 pm when a problem with my generator occurred. They were at my house the next day, diagnosed the problem and negotiated a resolution with Generac MUCH TO MY BENEFIT. I couldn’t have been happier. I highly recommend these folks; They are absolutely the best!

-Diane (Nacogdoches, TX)

Reliable unit and dependable service...

We feel a sense of confidence in knowing that regardless of whether or not our electricity goes off, that our GENERAC is there to keep us comfortable in our home. The best thing about owning our GENERAC is knowing that we have a reliable unit and dependable service. P&L have been wonderful! They are knowledgeable of their product and they are reliable in providing the maintenance on our GENERAC in a timely fashion; and they are so honest in all their dealings. We have been very pleased to own our GENERAC because we know that our home will be comfortable – regardless of the electrical service in our neighborhood, since it does go out frequently.

-James & Lois (Nacogdoches, TX)

Never without power...

I would tell anyone that it would be the best investment they could make. When storms and other power outages occur there is no worry because the generator takes over. You are never without power. I never have to worry about being without power. Also, I don’t have to worry with a gas operated generator and all it entails such as filling with gas and running extension cords everywhere. Linda and Paul have been like old friends. Not only are they knowledgeable about the generators, they are friendly and conduct themselves like down home folks. I have thoroughly enjoyed my generator and cannot imagine life without it. I have endured being without power for as long as 6 weeks during “Rita” and I never want to have to go through that again. Thanks Linda and Paul. I appreciate you!

-Linda (Zavalla, TX)

Immediate comfort...

It is immediate comfort when power fails. No more lousy days and nights of wondering when the men will come to fix our power outage. Life goes on in a calm, normal way. Uninterrupted electricity. Paul and Linda Craig have been wonderful and personable to work with. They do what they say they will do. They work with a Christian attitude towards us and that means good communication. Thanks to Paul and Linda.

-John & Donna (Nacogdoches, TX)

Has been a blessing...

The Generac generator has been a blessing. It’s efficiency in coming on quickly and automatically when I need it most! It takes away the worry of no lights in the house and problems with breathing without A/C. For older folks, this is a blessing. P&L Enterprise have been courteous and friendly and answered my calls without having to worry that no one will respond.

-Elsie (Nacogdoches, TX)

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend, especially if the household is dependent on rural co-op for electricity. We have been served by Deep East Texas Electricity since 1963 and power outages have increased significantly. In the past, power outages were usually during the winter months due to ice storms with no significant food loss. In the past 12 years power outages have increased during summer months for longer periods of times. Not only have we had significant food loss, but we have increased health needs which necessitate air conditioning. No more food loss during power outage. We don’t have to leave our home when there are long periods of outage. We depend on P&L Enterprise to service our equipment, especially since we do not have the skills necessary to do so. On at least two occasions, we have experienced problems that needed repair services – gas line to the generator was off because of gas company having been involved with service to the area and rubber gas line was cut by accident in back yard. They always have responded promptly!

-B.W. & Maxine (Nacogdoches, TX)

Peace of mind...

My Generac generator is truly a friend indeed. My electricity in our rural area goes out 6-8 times per year. Nothing but good even in emergencies. Get a maintenance program with P & L !!

-J.E. (Lufkin, TX)

No hassle!!

It is so convenient. It starts itself no matter what time of day or night we lose power. We don’t need to get out in bad weather to haul it from one location to another. Paul and Linda Craig and their team are great!! They are quick to respond to my calls. They answer my questions and give me peace of mind. Their knowledge and wisdom of the generac is a blessing

-Betty (Broaddus, TX)

We love our Generac...

We love our Generac. When in the past we have lost our power, the Generac has worked perfect and we were not worried about losing our fresh produce in our freezers, plus we continue to have power to the house. We can trust P&L Enterprise. We do not worry about our generator now that we have you guys taking care of it. It was luck that we found you and thank you for all you do for us.

-Charles & Regina (Palestine, TX)

Hands free operation...

We have owned a Generac generator for over three years and found the system to be reliable and trouble free to date. Hand free operation during power outages and power returns by reason of the auto transfer switching device. P & L Enterprise owners have serviced our unit three times and we have been completely satisfied with their thorough checking and service procedures.

-James & Donna (Palestine, TX)

You should get one...

It works when needed as long as needed. You should get one, have talked with many of our friends suggesting they should get a generator. P&L Enterprise is VERY, VERY, good. They have been very responsive. Have always given good advice and kept generator in excellent condition. Any house over 4500 square feet should have a generator.

-Sam (Longview, TX)

Best money we ever spent...

Paul and Linda Craig are very nice and honest people. We recommend P&L and Generac to everyone. They are the whole package.

-Jimmy (Apple Springs, TX)

paul and linda do a great job

p&l recommended the right size and rpm for quietness. the electric service in our area goes out a few times a year. the generator starts in seconds and most of time we don't even know it come on. could not live in east texas without. service is outstanding.

-Jeff from Nacogdoches, TX

Great service and professionalism

I have a 36KW Generac installed 9-16-2009, by another dealer. The other dealer lacked the knowledge to properly service my unit. I contacted Generac for a dealer recommendation and was directed to P&L Enterprises. They have more than satisifed me that my unit is now in the best of care. They went above and beyond one dark, cold Janruary night when my transfer switch failed just after returning home from holidays with family. They came out that night even though it was very late and got me back in service in short order installing a new transfer switch.

-Steve from Hemphill, TX

P&L Enterprise is a great company.

We first met Paul & Linda Craig when they were contracted to wire our new home. As we were also planning to install a whole-house generator, they suggested Generac. We have been totally happy with the generator (a 48kv) and we are very pleased with the service provided at the time of installation and at semi-annual intervals. In short, we have only praise for P & L Enterprise as they have repeatedly exceeded our expectations.

-lea002 from Timpson, TX

Just what I needed!

Paul and Linda Craig are the best in the business. They installed my standby generator last summer and I can't begin to say what a blessing it has been. I have 25 acres literally in the middle of now where and power outages were a weekly occurence but now I am worry free. The whole experience was outstanding. They are wonderful people and did a wonderful job with the installation and setup. I have peace of mind kwowing that I will always have power no matter what comes to the Piney Woods of East Texas.

-Erjunkie1990 from Davy Crockett National Forest, TX

They are Great

I would reccomend them to anyone interested in a generator. They are great people to work with.

-kvg from Henderson, TX

Great company and nice people.

I had estimates from other local companies and P&L had the best price. They are a turn key operation except for plumbing. That means you don't have to hire an electrician and slab person extra to the job. They show up on time and complete the work on time. I also use their routine maintenance service and again they are on time every time.

-David from Nacogdoches, TX

Very Professional

This family owned and operated business listened to our needs and concerns and gave us some options with pros and cons for each option. We went with their recommendation and are happy with it. Their installation was neat and systematic. We went with the service contract and again, their work was neat and thorough on the one time they have serviced the unit.

-Milton from San Augustine, TX

Great Dealer!

Very professional, knowledgeable, and does what they say they will do. Never a problem. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Sandy from Nacogdoches, TX

Professional and completely trustworthy

Outstanding installation and service. I have had the pleasure of working with this company for a total of three installations. I find them to be professional in all their dealings and completely trustworthy. All three installations went perfectly and all worked as designed.From initial design to clean-up at the site the installations went as planned.I strongly recommend this company. You will not be disappointed. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Mark Ates, Kingwood, TX